Prostenal ® offers effective products that support the proper function of the prostate and urinary tract and promote overall men´s strength. Products are developed based on knowledge of traditionally used plant extracts and the latest scientific expertise.

High quality and effectiveness of the preparations is ensured by:

  • Unique form of processing of the effective substances
  • Quality guarantee of a historically proven producer
  • Produced by GMP certificate holder.

Prostenal® offers 2 product lines with special benefits. Both are conceived as once-a-day solution:

1) Prostenal® CONTROL for prostate health and potency support
Can be taken at any time during the day, preferably in the morning with food and liquid.

2) Prostenal® NIGHT for healthy prostate and fewer waking-ups at night
1 tablet in the evening after a meal and rinsed down with water.

Prostenal® is conceived as long-term prostate health support but some men can experience subjective improvement in some weeks already. It is recommended to continue taking Prostenal® CONTROL or NIGHT continuously for 2 months at least as this helps to maintain ongoing prostate health.

Prostenal® products are food supplements with combination of herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals. No interactions are proven, however, we recommend to consult your doctor before taking Prostenal® if you are taking prescription medications.

Prostenal® is a food supplement and as such, it generally has no side effects from the combined nutritional ingredients providing you take it as directed. Nevertheless, it is advisable to take Prostenal® with liquid and food in order to avoid rare yet possible stomach problems.

Prostenal® products don´t contain sugar or other saccharides.

Try Prostenal® CONTROL in that case. There is a unique combination of ingredients that helps promote a healthy sexual response:

  • Zinc naturally supports the normal testosterone level in blood.
  • Tribulus terrestris extract helps to maintain sexual drive.
  • Combination of saw palmetto and stinging nettle promotes healthy prostate and urinary tract functions as, actually, the presence of low urinary tract symptoms can be a predictor of problems with potency in some men.

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