Body as a proof

Body as a proof

How? The way we treat our body from now on – what lifestyle we are going to have, what we are going to eat and drink and how we are going to perceive the world around us.  

"Magic mirror on the wall, where's my young, flexible body gone?" Take it easy ... everyone asks the same question from time to time when looking in the mirror. The process of ageing causes a number of changes in our body - among other things it is loss of muscle mass, so it seems that our body is "fading". In the middle age, the ability to produce muscle cells decreases by about 30%, and in seniors it is almost by half. That was the bad news. And now the good one - there is a way we may positively influence the volume of muscle mass ourselves. Latest studies suggest that even ninety-year-olds can gain muscle mass again! And there's no alchemy or science to it.

Elixir of youth called exercise
Honestly, how much time during the day do you spend relaxing with a newspaper, Internet or TV? A couple of hours? Then you can definitely find 30 minutes to move your body. Half an hour of exercise a day can do miracles to your body, indeed. Exercise is actually very important in old age, one of the reasons being that the body cells naturally lose their ability to effectively produce energy. Go swimming, for example, or try simple fitness walking. You can also try yoga or pilates, which are not too strenuous, but naturally firm the muscles. Great cardio exercise is skipping the rope, riding an exercise bike, sit-ups, push-ups, squats. If you train hard for a short period of time, your heart rate will increase and the body starts producing anti-ageing hormones that have beneficial effect on the tissues and organs. 

Even if you won´t always feel like doing the exercise, try to be strict and consistent with yourself. Regular everyday physical activity has much greater effect than running yourself down once a week because you feel guilty. You will see that soon you will start to feel great and everything, including ageing, will seem brighter. 
Make sure you drink enough during the day and have sufficient intake of vitamins and minerals. Treat the body with antioxidants and definitely do not remove fats from your diet. They are very important for an ageing body as they assist in the renewal of important hormones, for example testosterone. If you add enough sleep, good mood and avoid stress, you have all the aces up your sleeve!

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