But most of all, testosterone is a hormone produced from 2/3 in testicles, and besides other properties it influences our sexual drive. The bad news is that its level will naturally decrease as we age. The older we are, the less testosterone we produce. The decline starts already around the age of 30 and with every year it drops by about 1%. However, signs of low testosterone do not usually appear before the age of 50. It is an irreversible biological process that each of us will have to face, sooner or later. As has been already said - testosterone affects our libido and sexual desire. And it also has an effect on erection, too. It affects brain receptors that trigger chemical reactions stimulating the erectile tissues. And there´s much more to it. Low testosterone level is responsible for the loss of muscle mass and its replacement with body fat as well as thinning of the bones leading to osteoporosis. 

Have you ever wondered why you have less energy, feel exhausted, moody or suffer from insomnia? Most probably it´s all because of testosterone which significantly affects our mental well-being and state of mind.  
Drop in this male hormone levels goes hand in hand with so-called andropause, in other words ageing male syndrome. Very broadly speaking, it may be compared to a woman´s menopause (where the loss of estrogen in a woman's body is happening quickly, whereas men lose testosterone gradually over long term).

But how can you determine your testosterone levels? Luckily it can be easily done during your preventive examination – from the test of your blood. If it shows lower level of the male hormone, you don't have to panic straightaway. If you don't have serious problems, treatment is not necessary.  On the market there is a number of natural products that can maintain the testosterone level in your blood naturally. The most tried and tested are saponin contained in Tribulus Terrestris, Maca or Peruvian ginseng, or d-aspartic acid (DAA). If the doctor decides that active care is not enough, most likely he will start hormone replacement therapy which will regularly supply the missing hormone in form of tablets, injections or applications of gel onto your skin. 

All in all, loss of testosterone is an integral part of ageing and there´s no point losing your sleep over it. It is natural that we gradually lose our sexual desire and that the number of our morning erections is decreasing. However, testosterone levels can be supported with help of food supplements and therefore the negative impact of its decrease may be postponed. What´s more, we are gaining experience and more free time which opens our door to new "dimensions". Great prospects!

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