Diet has its share, too

Diet has its share, too

Any diet is a nuisance. Fish and chips, hamburgers ... did you like to have such "nutritious" dishes every single day? High time to say good bye and replace them with healthier and more nutritious food. But don´t worry - diet of prostatic patients is one of the least strict ones and once you start, you´ll find out that it does not actually bother you that much.  

The number one rule is to reduce animal fat (smoked meat products, dairy products, butter, etc.) and add more vegetable fat. The exception is fish. Salmon, anchovies or tuna, for example, contain omega fatty acids, which are beneficial for your health and should become part of your diet.  Besides fish, your diet should contain enough fruit, vegetable and vegetable proteins. If you decide to consume more vegetable, make sure it is rich in vitamin C, which is contained in leafy vegetables, asparagus, avocado, broccoli, cabbage, kale or onion. It is important that you always eat fresh vegetable and ideally raw or in liquid form (e.g. vegetable juices or smoothies). Tomatoes contain lycopene, a powerful antioxidant, which fights free radicals in the body (however, they release it only after being cooked, so prefer tomato purée to fresh harvest from your garden).

Also remember to supply your body with a sufficient amount of zinc and protein regularly. A tablespoon of sunflower seeds, nuts and other seeds, sprouts or legumes will do your body really good. The best way is to combine your new diet with appropriate food supplements that bring the most benefits for your prostate health (extract from saw palmetto etc.). For example, a single tablet of  Prostenal® food supplements contains unique combination of saw palmetto and other vegetable extracts (such as nettle or Canadian Cranberries) together with zinc.

If you add regular exercise, avoid smoking, limit the intake of alcohol, strong coffee and drink at least two litres of water, mineral water or green tea per day, you can be pretty sure that as far as your lifestyle is concerned, you have done maximum for the health of your prostate.

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