About us


Committed to free up manhood in men, naturally.

Prostenal® is here for all men who refuse to put their slippers on, for all those who don’t wanna age, but mature. Our mission is to free up their manhood naturally, so these men can live their lives as they truly wish regardless their age.


Prostate problems are the most common conditions affecting adult men at the age of 40+.  They are also often connected with other aspects of men´s well-being and consequently might have negative impact on the life in general. That´s why Prostenal® has developed a range of proactive food supplements with unique compositions that support the prostate function and contribute to overall men´s potency, health and wellbeing. 

Quality & Safety

Based on herbal extracts, Prostenal® products are produced in line with the GMP certification which ensures their high quality and effectiveness. 

Competence & Trust 

Prostenal® was founded in 2000 as an expert prostate line of Walmark Group, a leading consumer health care company in Central and Eastern Europe. Since then, it has proven its competence and gained trust of many men in the region. 

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