Exercise as a universal cure

Exercise as a universal cure

Exercise is one of the most effective methods how can we fight enlarged prostate as the result of the so-called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Even short but regular workout, ideally every day, can help us keep our body fit and control our optimal weight because obesity is also partly responsible for diseases associated with prostate. 
But how to go about it? Try walking, jogging, playing tennis, or skipping the rope. These are actually the most effective physical activities that affect the prostate. Ideally combine these aerobic workouts with resistance exercise, such as swimming or fitness exercises like sit-ups, push-ups or lifting dumbbells or weights. You don't have to give up cycling, too. However, get padded cycling shorts and a special saddle with a hole to avoid pressure on your prostate. Also avoid outdoor sport activities in very cold weather to prevent catching a cold. 

Speaking of prevention of prostate problems you will definitely come across an Austrian doctor named Kegel, the author of exercises for strengthening pelvic floor muscles, i.e. the muscles located between the pubic symphisis and the sacrum. Important: Although the exercise is proven to be very effective, it is not for everyone. Men who suffer, for example, from chronic prostatitis or chronic pelvic pain syndrome - diseases, in which the pelvic muscles need to be relaxed, should avoid it. Those of you who get recommendation for Kegel´s exercise from your doctor, can enjoy a variety of benefits. The exercise is very easy and may be done practically anywhere without anyone else noticing and what´s more, it won´t cost you a single penny. Simply said, it is based on repeated contractions of pelvic floor muscles. Targeted strengthening of this part of the male body not only effectively helps control the urine flow but is proven to improve sexual function, not to mention its positive effect on man´s self-confidence. 

Another exercise with benefits for the pelvic floor is yoga, which is based on simple movements. Hatha Yoga, for example, helps during prostate inflammation through a series of exercises that can miraculously relax the pelvic organs and improve their blood circulation. Hormonal yoga therapy for men is a dynamic set of exercises that activate specific glands, especially testicles, adrenals, thyroid gland and hypophysis. 

If you want to do maximum for your prostate gland, you can´t do without exercise. Even though the beginning will mean a great deal of reluctance and persuading, the result will be worth it. Do regular exercise, drink plenty of fluids, eat healthily and most of all - keep a positive attitude towards life. You will see that things will stay fine!

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